About the Exhibition

About Chicago: City of Big Data

Did you know data has become a 21st century design material? Architects, planners, engineers and citizens increasingly use data to understand urban issues and spark design innovation. This explosion of digital information, known as “Big Data,” encompasses everything from data collected by environmental sensors to messages on social media. This new exhibition reveals the potential of urban data and offers a new perspective on Chicago and cities everywhere. Visitors can explore interactive displays, recreated sections of the city and get unique views into your own personal data. 

About the Chicago Architecture Foundation

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is the leading organization devoted to celebrating and promoting Chicago as a center of architectural innovation. As Chicago’s forum for the exchange of ideas on urban design, CAF inspires people to participate in the building of vibrant communities and to demand the highest standard in urban design. CAF awakens young people to achieve their potential through the discovery of architecture, engineering, and design.

CAF’s mission is to inspire people to discover why design matters. Data provides a critical lens for exploring and understanding the design issues that matter deeply to citizens, from community health and livability, to safety and sustainability.

Advisory Committee

John Tolva, PositivEnergy Practice
Brenna Berman, City of Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology
Charlie Catlett, Urban Center for Computation and Data
Anijo Mathew, Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design

Special Thanks To

DCBolt Productions, Katelynn Pfeil, Luci Creative, and TruthLabs for contributing to the exhibition’s design.

Catherine Baker, Satya Mark Basu, Keith Besserud, Cartografika, Chicago Cartographics, Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation, Chicago Department of Transportation, Dave Drazen, Derek Eder, Annette Ferrara, Angela Ford, Kate Kusiak Galvin, Forest Gregg, Collin Griffin, IBM City Forward Team, Sebastian James, Maggie Jarr, Adam Jentleson, Josh Kalov, Thomas Kearns, Kate Keleman, Tom Kompare, Little Cabin Films, Luci Creative, Corey Marshall, Dennis McClendon, Cory Mollet, Elnaz Moshfeghian, Dan O’Neil, Jeanne Marie Olson, Open City, Open Gov Chicago, Kyla Page, Doug Pancoast, Katelynn Pfeil, John Pletz, Joel Putnam, Prajna Rao, Burton Rast, Bo Rodda, Tom Schenk, Matthew Shaxted, Splunk, Matt Stegmaier, Nathan Storring, TAG Foundation, TenFab, Thirst , Sean Thornton, James Toftness, Don Turnbull, UrbanLab, Juan-Pablo Velez, Aaron Wolf.

Original concept developed by Gregory K. Dreicer.